The tallest art installation will be created in Kiev as within the framework of the first international UNIT.City Art Prize competition.

UNIT.City is launching it’s annual UNIT.City Art Prize competition, which would aim to create projects on the edge of art and technology. Participants of the first contest have to present their vision for a factory pipe art transformation. The pipe is 60 meters high and located on premises of the UNIT.City. The change of the image will emphasize revitalization of the former industrial zone. The prize for the best project is 50,000 hryvnias and the opportunity to bring the idea to fruition.

On June 14th UNIT.City Innovation Park began accepting applications for participation in the competition for the first UNIT.City Art Prize Competition.  UCAP – award in contemporary art and innovative technologies. The task of the first competition is to present a new vision for a factory pipe and its art transformation.

Criteria for the selection: creative an interpretation of the idea and philosophy of UNIT.City, innovative a distinctive visual solution; a combination of art and technology with a scientific approach is encouraged. Invited applicants: Ukrainian and foreign artists, scientists, engineers, designers, architects and representatives of any creative and technical occupation, art groups.

Applications will be accepted online at from 14th of  June to 15th of July 2017.

The winner of UNIT.City Art Prize (UCAP) will receive 50,000 hryvnia and the opportunity to bring the idea to life. Winner will be announced and elected by members of the international jury, Cees Donkers (NL), Nadim Samman (AZ), Darya Koltsova (UA), Max Yakover (UA), Maxim Bakhmatov (UA) and Dmytro Yeryomin (UA)


Maks Yakover, Managing partner at UNIT.City:
«While developing innovative park we decided not to destroy, but to rethink the symbol of industrial age – the steam pipe. We are seeking ideas for artistic and technical transformation that provide creative solutions for this construction, that will become a symbol of drastic change, and highlight the new philosophy».


Maxim Bakhmatov , Managing Partner at UNIT.City:
«We expect ideas for the project, that will become the new must see in Ukraine».



Daria Koltsova, Curator of the competition:
«Our goal is to attract talents from various fields of art and science to create the space with synergy of business, science and art, that will inspire new opportunities for development. On one hand, it is important to convey the philosophy of the innovation park via contemporary art projects. On the other – to promote innovative thinking and create an inspirational atmosphere».

Application deadline is July 15th, 2017. The Winner of UNIT.City Art Prize competition will be announced at the Awards ceremony on July 28th, 2017. The winning project will be implemented by the end of September 2017.

UNIT.City Art Prize – international prize in contemporary art and scientific field – is awarded twice a year. The main objective for the competition  is to support the development of the  projects at the intersection of modern technology and art

Applicants to the competition: artists, scientists, engineers, designers or artistic and scientific groups, working with any genre of contemporary art and science and technology fields.

Individual or group applicants can submit from 1 up to 3 projects. Applications have to be submitted under Regulation of UNIT.City Art Prize.

UNIT.City Art Prize is launched in 2017

UNIT.City Art Prize

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Photo:, Iryna Tkacheva